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School ERP Software

Top rated School Management Software in India

MMI has created one of the most advanced and user-friendly School Management Software in India (School ERP) which aims at easing administrative hassles and enhancing, efficiency, productivity towards management of various school activities. Our School ERP Software is cloud based and supports various modern technologies as well, this literally is the modern era tool to help you manage things at your school.


This School Software is designed to streamline the communication between Parents and teachers while reducing data entry effort through mobile or tablet and have a bilingual option to make the communication effective for parents from different areas. Our School Software is agile which can be customized according to the requirements of the institution. It guarantees that all information needs to be stored electronically and school management system is a trouble-free process. If you have long been in search for an effective, secure & flexible school accounting software, this is your best pick.

Why our School Management Software is loved by users ?

With our School ERP Software, teachers can generate and print customized Report Cards as per their need. Moreover, the Report Cards can be published through an official school mobile app. Additionally, this software is quite proficient in managing various info system including employee information system and student info system, through which, the school can manage employee attendance as well as attendance for students and all other additional happenings of the school. This can also work as school fees software if you want to manage that.



Student Management

  1. Integrated contact form to facilitate rapid enquiries
  2. Categorized student list based on location, age etc
  3. Ability to generate custom reports with specific student details
  4. The administrator can filter the data based on Student access (i.e Daily Attendance, Academics Reports, Transport facility)
  5. It generates unique login credentials for students to let them login.
  6. Manage Student Identity Card Printing, Academic Label Printing, Report - Card Printing.

Fee Management

  1. Configurable Fee structure with various heads (Class Category wise, Student wise, and Optional Fee wise).
  2. Accept fees in Cash, Credit Card, Cheque, NEFT.
  3. Complete Academic fees can be collected along with transport fees in one go
  4. Ability to customize reports for parameters like late fees fine etc. It can reflect dues under student profile.
  5. Students/Parents can be reminded about the pending fees via SMS/email alerts.

Exam/Syllabus Management

  1. Exam Scheme Definition in accordance with syllabus for each class.
  2. Creation of Type of Exam like Viva,Practical,Theoretical or Combination.
  3. Specified fields to capture results for various exams.
  4. Mark-sheet and Tabular Register Certificate Printing.
  5. Ability to analyze top performers with filters like class, section etc.

Financial Accounting

  1. Integrated Financial Accounting
  2. Detailed Multiple Point Cash Book
  3. Bank Reconciliation
  4. Income & Expenditures Statement
  5. Staff Advance & Salary Management
  6. Vouchers for Expenditures

Store/ Inventory Management

  1. Inward Stock by Purchase of Uniforms/Books/Stationery
  2. Stock Maintenance with or without Bar
  3. Coding Items Issue to Students/Guardians with Receipt Printing
  4. Stock Register, Current Stock and Consumption Details

SMS and Email Support

  1. Holiday declaration alert by SMS/Email.
  2. SMS/Email to Parents on different event.
  3. SMS/Email alert for Fee due date, paid and outstanding Fee.
  4. SMS/Email alerts of absent student to his/her parent.
  5. SMS/Email feature for Result to Parents.
  6. Easily interact with Staff/Parents by SMS/Email.

Attendance System

  1. Creation of ID Cards for Students & Staff.
  2. Smart Attendance Feeding system.
  3. Send SMS to parents for Absend/Present student.
  4. Attendances Register (based on Date, Student, Class, Month, Year etc).

Other Features

  1. TC Generation.
  2. Character Certificate printing.
  3. Class wise Time Table management.
  4. Event Calendar.
  5. Transport Management.

School Bus System

  1. Live GPS Bus Tracking on Mobile App
  2. Predefined Bus Route
  3. Proper Vehicle Allotment with Documents
  4. Verified Driver Allotment with Government ID's Proof
  5. Manage Transportation Fees
  6. Report Maintenance
  7. Student Transportation Report

Add on Integration

  1. Website Integration.
  2. Android App & IOS App Integration.
  3. Auto Attendance RFID Integration.
  4. GPS Bus tracking System.

School Get to know about School Management Software and its related benefits here. Learn how this School Management Software in India can help schools and colleges make their information more accessible and organized.