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Easy Billing

  1. Credit Sale.
  2. Cash Memo
  3. Credit/Cash Sale through card.
  4. Point System For credit Sale.
  5. On Billing for Parties.

Customer Management

  1. Define your Products(items)that you deal.
  2. A unique auto-generated or user defined Barcode.
  3. Create your own Categories You can assign Location of your items in each godown(department).

Item Management

  1. View customer's profile
  2. Set up Credit Limit for your customers individually or system wise.
  3. Track Your customer's Financial Accounting.
  4. While making sales invoice select customer by their Name/ Phone Number/ loyalty number.


  1. Allows printing in both Text and Graphics mode.
  2. Graphical reports are printed on Laser or Inkjet printer.
  3. Print multiple copies of Sales Invoice or any other document at the same time.

Invertory Control

  1. Maintain Stock Status.
  2. Manage the Max. & Min. Level Stock
  3. Maintain Stock Summary.
  4. Maintain Stock Register with & without Meter readings.


  1. Conveniently send SMS messages from your GSM dongle or using SMS Gateway!
  2. Send SMS messages at various stages to your customers and suppliers.
  3. Send welcome message and customer code SMS at the time of the customer creation

Financial Reports

  1. User can maintain Daily Cash, Bank & Journal book.
  2. Party/Vehicle wise Ledger, Trial Balance / Trading / P & L A/c, Balance Sheet.
  3. Depreciation Statements.
  4. TDS Reports & Forms.

Access Rights

  1. Access Rights allows you to provide or Restrict access to specific functionalities for various logins.
  2. Create as many Logins as you want by creating employees.
  3. Administrator can provide Additional password on any functionality.


  1. Label is a unique number attached to an item.
  2. Mark your items as Has Label at the time of item definition.
  3. For same Item Name and Bar-code, you can have a unique label.