Running a hotel is not an easy task even if each task is assigned to a different person. As the Hotel Management Software in India expands, the task of data organization and maintenance becomes even more challenging.


Front Desk

  1. Hotel Status from the Main Screen.
  2. Guest Check In, Check Out Screen.
  3. Guest Snaps with Web cam at Various Stages of Stay.
  4. Meal plan to select on room. Plan Information like C.P., M.A.P., A.P. on check in.

Point of Sales

  1. Multiple Point of Sales Options.
  2. Restaurant Order Booking with TAB and KOT Printing.
  3. Restaurant Plan with Table Management.
  4. Multiple Settlement Options.

House Keeping

  1. Room status: Dirty, Clean, Inspected, Under Repair.
  2. Manage Room status from the Housekeeping area.
  3. Front Desk Staff can see Real time Room updated status.
  4. Housekeeper to front Desk Communications.
  5. Maid Assignment to Rooms.


  1. The Scheme is reciprocal, and applicable only to the functioning hotels which are individual members of the Federation.
  2. Hotels will allow a discount of 30% to a visiting hotelier on the production of a membership card.
  3. To avail the discount on hotel accommodation, card holders should make an advance reservation info.

Banquet Management

  1. Party Order Booking In Different types of Banquets.
  2. Banquet Billing & Equipment Billing.
  3. Date wise, Banquet wise Vacant & Occupied Status.
  4. Party Order Booking Report.
  5. Banquet Sales Summary/Detail Summary.


  1. General Ledger Profit/Cost Centres.
  2. Automatic Direct Billing from front Desk.
  3. Printing and Mailing of Room/Monthly Guest Bills to Companies. Statement Print/Email with Past due Messages.
  4. Ability to flag Accounts due for Payments or Payment Delays.
  5. Vendor detail.


  1. Purchase Entry with Item wise Purchase Rate.
  2. Department wise Material Issue.Purchase Return.
  3. Material Return Entry from Department to Store.
  4. Department wise Material Issue Report.
  5. Department wise Material Return Report.

Payroll Management

  1. Employee Management.
  2. Time/Attendance Management.
  3. Loan/Advance.

Reservation Management

  1. Search Reservation.
  2. Guest and Company Profile Management.
  3. Best Rate Management.
  4. Cancellation.
  5. Booking Confirmation.
  6. Date wise Room Reservation Report.

Mobile Application for Instant Hotel Reports

  1. Revenue Summary with Average Daily Rate.
  2. Occupancy Chart.
  3. Room Status Summary.
  4. Daily Summary Report.
  5. Operational Report.
  6. Stock / Inventory Report.

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