Hospital management software incorporates several important features that help in the smooth running of the day to day operations of a hospital. Hospital management software in India has simplified the process bringing about improved patient care and security.


Clinical Support

  1. Pathology Information System (PIS).
  2. Radiology Information System (RIS).
  3. Operation Theatre Management Module.
  4. Investigation charges and receipts.
  5. Investigation report,Blood Bank,Ambulatory Services.

Administration Management

  1. Mobile app for patient to track investigation history.
  2. HR & Payroll System.
  3. Maintenance of visiting doctors database and referral fee.
  4. Administrator dash board report.
  5. Total patient registration report.
  6. Bed availability in Ward & Private Room Booking.

Accounting & Inventory

  1. Balance sheet,Profit and loss account.
  2. Outstanding reports,Bank reconciliation.
  3. Cash flow statement,Alerts for items nearing expiry.
  4. Statement of Owners equity.
  5. Daily, weekly, quarterly and monthly Accounting statements.

Patient Admissions & Discharge(IPD)

  1. Patient registration,Patient admission.
  2. Consulting doctors details.
  3. Doctor Daily Schedule list,Patient investigation history.
  4. Surgery scheduling details,Multiple payment mode.
  5. IPD final billing,Discharge summary,Invoice

Hospital Management

  1. OPD Patient Registration,Online Registration System.
  2. Appointment Scheduling,Patient data base.
  3. Patient medical history,Reference doctors details.
  4. Consultation charges and receipts,Cash receipt report.
  5. Multiple payments,Reminders (SMS/Telecal).

Pharmacy Management

  1. Purchase of medicines and consumables.
  2. Purchase returns of medicines and consumables.
  3. Tracking of medicine mfg. date and expiry date.
  4. Pharmacy billing,Medicine expiry report.
  5. User wise billing report,,User wise daily collection report.

Store Management

  1. Maintain Purchase order with due dates of delivery.
  2. Maintain MRN and Issue slips.
  3. Maintaining Stock, Reorder levels and show appropriate warning.
  4. Bills can be adjusted against the payments made at other department.

Laboratory Test & Reporting

  1. Integrated with out patient consulting and in patient billing.
  2. Define duration for different tests and procedures to eliminate wait period.
  3. Schedule services according to priority.
  4. Work schedule for tests.
  5. Integration with patient consulting and ward billing.
  6. Purchase orders for internal consumption.

HR & Payroll

  1. Assign roles and responsibilities to all Hospital Staff.
  2. Tracking employee task across multiple units.
  3. Timely reporting System.
  4. Alert on Service Delivery.
  5. Reminder for department heads.
  6. Assign roles to internal staff.
  7. Staff Salary Processing System