X-Decor is an amazingly simple and fast software for small and medium tile, furniture, marble and sanitary businesses. It provides a complete system right from purchase planning to balance sheet. It efficiently manage inventory, track profits, maintain stock using bar codes, analyse vendors performance, calculate sales person wise incentives, track accounts & outstanding.



? Schedulers automatically organize manufacturing orders, launch purchase orders & reserve products in stock.
? X-Decor supports: multi-level Bill of Materials, push & pull logistic
rules, advanced routing.
? Edit manually all operations at any level of the progress. With X-Decor, you will not be frustrated by a rigid system
? Define and plan efficiently the working time and capacity of yo


? X-Decor supports push and pull rules to define your complex routes in your warehouses.
? Track all past or future inventory transactions. Lists facilitate transactions from one location to another.
? Just click on a location and attain a thorough inventory analysis, for a specified period with the inventory control.
? With minimum stock rules you have automatic orders with the right quantity


? As an accountant, you need to be able to record a set of operations in just a few minutes.
? Get clear visibility of invoices awaiting from your supplier, control and validate them without re-encoding.
? Reconcile invoices easily with payments through bank interfaces and check handling and printing.
? Get your analytic accounting operations integrated with time sheets, projects,invoices, ware


?You will receive automated proposition of purchases by X-Decor according to stock levels, sales, etc.
?In the Address Book you can follow all moves and transactions related to a given supplier with the history tab.
?X-Decor allows you to fully customize the information you want to input about your products.
?Analyse the performance of your suppliers using the flexible reporting: delivery delay

Human Resource

? X-Decor helps you track your project costs by recording time-sheets, controlling and monitoring tasks time and cost.
? Collect and analyze important data on employee through X-Decor.
Synchronize address book.
? Directly feed all data and expenses into X-Decor thus cut on paper. Validation,invoicing etc is effortless.
? Reporting is comprehensive in X-Decor.You can watch time sheet, holidays


Enter the right information (quantity, price,customer name, etc) and click print. Your invoice is done!
Email or print directly from X-Decor follow-ups on your invoices for your customers
Get a quick overlook on your key performance indicators and use our
reporting tools to analyse your performance.
Keep track of invoices to pay, record your customer and supplier payment and reconcile them aut