MMI Vidya-Dhan:- Complete School Management Software

School ERP software specially designed for School Management system. MMI Vidya-Dhan School Software collection of School Accounting Software, School Management Software, School Fees management Software. School Mobile App to manage work centralized way in single click from every where to any where.

MMI Vidya Dhan School ERP is centralised management School Software ideally made for Educational establishments, Colleges, Universities, Institutes, and Coaching/Training points. MMI Vidya Dhan is customised School ERP that empowers extraordinary numerous high-quality features with regards to expense administration. It provides access to manage the Fee Structure, Attendance, Academics, Staff management, Exams/Syllabus, and Parents Meets. It handles focal information inside all divisions and expels the excess authoritative undertakings of imitating, exhibiting and sharing information between various school frameworks when required. With Integrated Mobile App feature you can manage complete school management functions everywhere and anywhere.


Student Management

  1. Student Enquiry Form against Prospectus Sales or Enquiry.
  2. Student list as per various category (i.e class-wise, house-wise, location-wise).
  3. Custom reports can be generated which can include any profile information of the student
  4. The administrator can filter the data based on Student access (i.e Daily Attendance, Academics Reports, Transport facility)
  5. It generates student online profile that a student will use to Log In to get their Updates.
  6. Manage Student Identity Card Printing, Academic Label Printing, Report - Card Printing.

Fee Management

  1. Configurable Fee structure with various heads (Class Category wise, Student wise, and Optional Fee wise).
  2. Accept fees in Cash, Credit Card, Cheque, NEFT.
  3. Complete Academic fees can be collected along with transport fees in one go
  4. Customize reports on discount, late fees fine and fee pending will update on the Student Profile.
  5. Students/Parents can be reminded about the pending fees via SMS/email alerts.

Exam/Syllabus Management

  1. Class wise Exam Scheme Definition with syllabus.
  2. Creation of Type of Exam like Viva,Practical,Theoretical or Combination.
  3. Test,Mid Term and Final Exam marks entry.
  4. Mark-sheet and Tabular Register Certificate Printing.
  5. Analysis of Topper list(Class wise,Class section wise Subject wise).

Financial Accounting

  1. Integrated Financial Accounting
  2. Detailed Multiple Point Cash Book
  3. Bank Reconciliation
  4. Income & Expenditures Statement
  5. Staff Advance & Salary Management
  6. Vouchers for Expenditures

Store/ Inventory Management

  1. Inward Stock by Purchase of Uniforms/Books/Stationery
  2. Stock Maintenance with or without Bar
  3. Coding Items Issue to Students/Guardians with Receipt Printing
  4. Stock Register, Current Stock and Consumption Details

SMS and Email Support

  1. Holiday declaration alert by SMS/Email.
  2. SMS/Email to Parents on different event.
  3. SMS/Email Feature for Fee due date,paid and outstanding Fee.
  4. SMS/Email Feature of Absent student to his/her parent.
  5. SMS/Email feature for Result to Parents.
  6. Communication with Staff/Parents easily by SMS/Email.

Attendance System

  1. Creation of ID Cards for Students & Staff.
  2. Smart Attendance Feeding system.
  3. Send SMS to parents for Absend/Present student.
  4. Attendances Register (Date wise,Student wise,Class wise, Month wise,Yearly).

Other Features

  1. TC Generation.
  2. Character Certificate printing.
  3. Class wise Time Table management.
  4. Event Calendar.
  5. Transport Management.

Add on Integration

  1. Website Integration.
  2. Android App & IOS App Integration.
  3. Auto Attendance RFID Integration.
  4. GPS Bus tracking System.

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