Apparel is an immense.X-Fashion comes with easy-to-setup product categories, item classification (size, color, design, and price), flexible and unique bar-code generation. It is a complete end to end solutions right from procurement or production till Point-of-Sale, ensuring that the right things are produced, procured and allocated to the right places.


Manage large Inventory

X-Fashion can handle very large inventory where you can have 50,000 or more items.
Our powerful search helps you quickly find if you have a specific size in stock or color in stock for a given dress.
Easily view your products based on custom fields (color, size, brand, category).

Extensive Images Support

X-Fashion offers a very visual interface.
Add multiple image view of your products and sync your inventory with your online shop.
You can also attach images to categories, customers, suppliers.
You can navigate through your products using images.

Print your own Barcode Stickers

Design your own sticker layout.
Personalize your stickers by using your logo and design.
Use normal laser printer or ink jet printer for sticker printing.
Support for dedicated sticker printers.
Support for A4 size sticker sheets.

Customize your Invoices

Get your invoice designed the way you like it.
Have a personal touch in your bills.
Use pre-printed stationery to save cost and establish your brand.
Connect with your customers better by printing invoices in your regional language.
We do your invoice customizat