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Oilex : Complete Petrol Pump Accounting-Inventory Software

Oilex Software has proven to be the best Petrol Pump Software since 1997. Oilex - An Exclusive Software for Petrol Pumps integrated with Mobile App.With Petrol Pump Mobile App, Owner can easily keep track of his Accounts being in or Away from the premises.
Oilex Software not only serves as Petrol Pump Accounting Software but also gives freedom to handle the Complete Petrol Pump Management for example : Meter Testings, Dip Readings, Credit Sales, Lubes Stock, Billing etc.



  1. Credit/Cash Sale Through Card.
  2. Meter Reading Sales
  3. Fuel & Lube Purchase with Decanting Detail
  4. Sitewise Feeding (Godown/Showroom)
  5. Shift wise Feeding
  6. Salesman Wise feeding
  7. Slip wise Feeding

Easy Billing

  1. Monthly/Fornightly/weekly/periodic billing
  2. Consolidated Bill Vehiclewise.
  3. Consolidated Bill Datewise.
  4. Separate Bill Vehiclewise.
  5. Automatic Bill Generate
  6. Cash & Credit memo printing

Inventory Control

  1. Stock Status/Stock Summary Qty wise or value wise
  2. Stock Reports display site wise also.
  3. Stock Valuation calculated By different Methods: As-Pur. Rate/Sale rate/Fifo.
  4. Maintain Daily Sale Reg -Nozzle wise or Dip wise.
  5. Stock Inspection/Density Auto Calculated.
  6. Periodic Purchase Reg./Sale Reg.
  7. Lubes costing


  1. Send SMS messages at various stages to your customers and suppliers.
  2. Send welcome message and customer code SMS at the time of the customer creation

Financial Reports

  1. Party/Vehicle wise Ledger, Trial Balance / Trading / P & L A/c,Balance Sheet.
  2. All Vat/GST Report
  3. Bank Reconciliation/Profit Comparison
  4. Party Points Reports/Profit Loss Report
  5. Salesman Wise Reports/Diff Types of Interest Report.
  6. Debtor's profit
  7. Billwise/Slipwise Outstanding

Access Rights

  1. Access Rights allows you to provide or Restrict access to specific functionalities for various logins.
  2. Create as many Logins as you want by creating employees.
  3. Administrator can provide Additional password on any functionality.

HR Managements

  1. Staff Attendance
  2. PF/ESI/TDS Auto Calculated.
  3. Salary Auto Calculation.

Other Features

  1. Transport Detail
  2. Del Modify Log
  3. Online Support.
  4. Online Software Upgrade.
  5. Autobackup By Time Interval Gap and Send E-mail ID
  6. Set Reminders important work to be done.
  7. Audit features.
  8. Cheque Printing.

Mobile Application

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